Quilting and sewing

T-Shirt Quilts
I have just started a new project involving old, but loved t-shirts. I take these old t-shirts and cut out a square using a template, back them with fusible interfacing and arrange in a desired quilt size. I then sew these squares together, making the quilt top. I sandwich with flannel, batting and the quilt top and make these warm gorgeous quilts with lasting memories in tack for the beholder.

After posting a picture of the one I made for my daughter I have been asked over and over by people interested in a t-shirt quilt. Maybe I've got something here.

Mug Rugs
Yesterday and today I've been busy using up scrap material to make mug rugs. What are mug rugs you ask? They are simply little coasters to use with your beverages.

I bought a couple of mug rugs at a craft show a few years ago and I thought gee I could make these. So I finally bought a little 4"x4" template to be able to quickly cut fabric from my scraps.
So now that I've got this handy little template I have been going to town cutting my fabric scraps and making little mug rugs.

To make a mug rug you need to cut one square in flannel and another one a cotton fabric. Then cut a piece of batting, all using this little template. Then layer fabric, batting, and flannel. Secure with basting pins (safety pins will work too) and sew a zigzag stitch all the way around the edges. Take your scissors and trip the edges.
Mug Rugs
Floral Print Mug Rugs

 That's it! Your done. Super easy. 

Book Bags
I am finally getting my very own classroom this fall. I'll be teaching 2nd grade and I'm very excited. There are plenty of things that I will need for my students and one item is to have someplace for them to keep their reading books.

I did not want them to have bins that I needed to store some place in my room. Space is at a premium in classrooms. I decided to make some book bags that will hang on the back of their chairs. This way their books are close at hand, won't get lost in the desk, no bulky bin and they can still easily take them anywhere in the classroom/school.

I have been fortunate to find fabric at reduced prices. I went to the fabric store and found some on clearance. I also went to Goodwill and found some at an amazing price. Material wise my bags have cost me about 80 cents a bag. That is an amazing price and if I were to make and sell these I might think about selling them for about $5 a bag. If I get ambitious enough I'll look for some more fabric and make some extras in case I need some more or someone else wants some. Who knows maybe I can make some money on this new project.

Clothes Pin Holder
Wanted to show you the cute clothes pin holder that I made this weekend. My old one was worn out and about to split open, so I decided to make a new one. I basically copied the shape of the old one to make this one, but I'm very please with the end result.

Now I don't know how many of you are green, but hanging sheets out on the line is great. Not only does it save money and the earth it makes your sheets smell amazing. So even if you're not green you should think about using a clothes line every once in awhile to get that sweet, intoxicating line dried smell in your sheets.

If your not into hanging clothes on the line I got to thinking after making this that it would also be perfect for holding other stuff like plastic bags, markers, and other little odds and ends. I'm sure I could come up with a lot of other uses for it. If your interested in the pattern leave me a comment on my facebook page and I'll message you back.

Clothes Pin Holder

Fence Rail Quilt
The first quilt that I ever made was a fence rail quilt. I had always wanted to learn how to make a quilt and when I saw the opportunity to take a community ed class at a local high school I jumped at the chance. The class only cost me $33 plus the cost of materials. It was probably one of the best things I've ever learned to do.

In this class I learned the basics of making a quilt. The teacher was amazing and I wouldn't mind taking another class with her just to learn a little more from the master. Since taking this class I have become a quiltaholic. I have subscribed to numerous quilting newsletters and visit various blogs daily. I have also bookmarked several quilting websites to help me perfect my skills.

One of my favorite sites is Allpeoplequilt.com.Not only does it have quilting patterns and quilting help it has sewing patterns too. I have, along with my daughter made some summer hobo purses. I will be making some more here in the next couple of days. I may in fact be having some of them for sale for anyone that may be interested. I already have a request to make a purse for someone I just need to go out and buy some material to get that going.

I've posted the picture of the first Fence Rail Quilt that I made. This was pretty simple to make and very inexpensive. If anyone were interested in making one or having one made it truly only took me a week to make my second one. Of course I knew what I was doing the second time around, so it made it real simple to do.

Please post comments on what you think of my quilt. I'd take any suggestions people might have to help me become better at this. Remember I'm just a novice at this.
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