Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pool Table Cake

Pool Table Cake

     Well I've made another goofy cake this year. Last year it was a barn cake. The year before that it was a boob cake. I try to make something a little unique and different, although I don't think I'll ever surpass the boob cake. But I'll keep trying.

     Anyways this year I made a pool table cake, complete with pool balls. Let me tell you making those pool balls was an experience. I've never made cake pops before so this was  my first go of it.  I just want to say why doesn't the package say to add shortening or oil to the candy melts? It would have gone a lot smoother for me. So hey everybody when melting those Wilton candy melts add a little cooking oil or shortening so the candy gets pourable.

    OK, I'm off my soap box. Once the candy melts are melty and liquidity you can take your cake pop or cake ball and spoon the melted candy over it. Then just gently shake off the excess. I did mine on sticks to I could then put the stick in some Styrofoam and wait for the candy coating to harden.

    Oh about the picture I don't know what happened to the green frosting on the cake.For some reason the pictures on my phone are not streaming to my computer. And yes my photo streaming is on. Anyways I took a quick picture with my camera and this is what I got. I know it was a humid day yesterday, but I have no idea why the color changed on in the green. Oh, well I guess it's just the spills that happen on a pool table. I think next time I have such a large are to color I'm going to go and try those color sprays. I think that would have looked a little more professional.

     There really is no recipe today. I used a box mix for this cake and I used the Wilton's cake decorating frosting to frost and make the cake balls. Here's the link to the frosting recipe. I also did a lot of googling on cake pops and cake balls to figure out how to make them.

     To make the cake balls I simple crumbled up a layer cake and added some frosting to be able to form the cake into balls. I then froze them for like 3 hours and trust me I could have froze them longer. Once they were frozen I spooned the melted candy coating over the balls and let them harden.


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