Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fiesta Breakfast Burrito

This past Sunday I was trying to think of a quick, but delicious breakfast to make. I wanted something with eggs and I also had some garden produce to use up. After searching the fridge I found the idea I was looking for. Breakfast Burritos! These burritos would have a Mexican flair though.

I started out my burrito journey by chopping up some onions, red and yellow, and some red pepper.
I added a tablespoon of butter to a fry pan and turn it on medium high. Once the butter was melted I added the onions and pepper. I sauted them until they were tender. 

In the meantime I whisked up 4 eggs, adding a quick dribble of milk, making sure the milk was whisked into the eggs. I then added some crushed red pepper flakes. If you like it hot add a lot otherwise easy on the pepper flakes.
Once the onions are tender add the egg mixture and cook until done. You will need to gently stir the egg mixture using a spatula or wooden spoon. Make sure you cook the eggs until the eggs are done. You shouldn't see any liquid.
 Once the eggs are cooked I add chopped tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese. Stir these in until the cheese melts. Warm some flour tortillas in the microwave until warm and spoon egg mixture into tortilla. Top with salsa.

Now fold the bottom and sides inward and eat and enjoy! This is one of our favorite recipes and I basically use whatever I have for produce to put in it. You can substitute any kind of pepper for the red pepper you can use any kind of cheese that you like. Be creative and give it a try.

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