Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Malibu Sunrise

Malibu Sunrise

Well today is going to be record high temperatures for Minnesota. The temperature is suppose to get to 97 and we have a heat warning out for the afternoon. Sounds like it is going to be a day/night for air conditioning or lounging in the pool or lake.

It also is a perfect time to enjoy a beverage or two outside, under an umbrella of course, and I have the perfect drink for such occasion. The Malibu Sunrise. It is a very refreshing drink and you can adjust the amount of alcohol you would like in it to suit your tastes.

The ingredients are simple. You need orange juice, ice, Malibu rum, and grenadine. I could sip on these all day long. Malibu rum is coconut flavored and it really makes this drink. So go pick up these couple of ingredients and make yourself one tonight and enjoy.

Malibu Sunrise
Orange Juice
Malibu Rum
Grenadine syrup

Put some ice in a tall glass. Add a shot or two of Malibu Rum. Add orange juice. Drizzle grenadine syrup on top for color. Mix with a swizzle stick and enjoy!

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